What situations could lead to a child support modification?
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What situations could lead to a child support modification?

In the middle of grappling with big life changes, you may wonder what event is important enough in order to justify switching your child support amount.

Since both your income and your children’s needs change all the time, it is worth knowing when a modification is possible.

New agreements

According to the California Courts, one way to bypass a court order is to sign a written stipulation that shows both parents agree on a new amount. However, if only one party wishes to change the child support payments, then you must provide a reason why you need a new amount.

Lifestyle reasons

In some cases, you may remarry and have to support a new baby. It is possible to appeal to the judge for a lower amount of child support in order for you to support both children.

However, the other parent may request an increase in payments if you obtain a substantially greater income and standard of living.

Medical needs

Schooling and healthcare needs vary as children get older. As they age, they may need more monetary support for medical procedures. Dental or health-related expenses are often too pricey to pay out of pocket, which leads to one parent petitioning for an increase in child support.

Personal issues

Huge medical problems, such as becoming disabled or needing long term intensive care, can significantly affect your income. Going to jail or losing a steady job means you will likely miss payments if you do not appeal to the court. Since a new amount is not finalized until the judge signs the order, it is important to notify the courts immediately if this happens.


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