Does parental alienation leave a lasting impact?
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Does parental alienation leave a lasting impact?

Parental alienation is a difficult thing for all sufferers. As the alienated parent, it often feels like you went through the death of a child. But your child can also suffer adverse affects that may last into adulthood. 

What should you know about these potential impacts? How can they change your child’s life? What negative consequences do they have, and what can you do to combat them? 

Short term effects of PAS

Psychology Today examines parental alienation syndrome (PAS). They review its long and short term effects on sufferers. In specific, they focus on how PAS impacts your child. PAS impacts children in the long and short term. In the short term, many children display personality changes. Previously energetic and bright children often grow gloomy, despondent, anxious and irritable. 

Children also develop unhealthy coping mechanisms in these early years that can stick for a lifetime. They may grow self-deprecating and suffer from guilt. They may begin to lash out at others, including figures of authority and peers. As they age, these coping mechanisms can grow to involve illicit substance abuse. Other addictions like gambling may form. 

Moving into adulthood with PAS

Many adults who suffered from PAS claim they struggle to make connections with others. This is particularly true when it comes to romantic relations. They often feel they cannot trust people and struggle to form genuine bonds because of this. 

For these reasons, you want to act quickly once you catch any signs of PAS. If you act fast, your child has a better chance of recovery. You may want to contact a legal expert to look at your options. 


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