When should you file for a child support modification?
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When should you file for a child support modification?

In the aftermath of a major life change that leaves you frustrated and short on money, you may worry how you can fulfill your regular child support payments. 

However, it is possible for you to get a modification on the amount you owe as long as the situation meets certain standards. 

Job changes

According to California Child Support Services, changes in employment are a viable reason for applying for a modification. By petitioning the court, you can have an official review your case and change the amount. 

A decrease in income, such as becoming disabled or unable to work, impacts your standard of living and ability to pay. Additionally, an increase in income may cause your ex-spouse to petition for a higher regular payment amount. 

Familial changes

In the event you remarry, you may be expecting more children with your new spouse. If this situation occurs, it is possible to ask for a modification in your payment for child support. 

The amount of time a child spends with each co-parent is also taken into consideration. If your child has spent significantly more time with you lately, you may be able to file for a modification. Since the court assumes you are spending more on food, rent and other expenses for your child, this may lead to an increase in the monetary amount you receive. 

Needs-based changes

If your child’s education or health care costs skyrocket, it is best to look for a way to file a petition. Unavoidable extra expenses are a valid reason to try to modify your child support amount. In most cases, a significant life event needs to happen before you can file for a change. 


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