3 things to remember when going through divorce
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3 things to remember when going through divorce

When you first realize divorce is imminent, you may start to worry about your future or how you will cope with this change.  

Making new habits and avoiding bad ones can help you start your new life off right.  

Take care of your body

According to Psychology Today, many recently divorced people neglect their physical health. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep each night can make an important difference in your everyday life.  

Taking care of yourself physically also impacts your emotions and stress levels. This can lead to more relaxed interactions with your ex-spouse and your children.  

Avoid power struggles

Many couples often feel the need to fight or act territorial over issues, even after they are no longer legally married. While it may seem useful at first, constantly arguing will only bring you more worry and stress over time. 

Take notice of what topics make you particularly upset. Practicing calming techniques or physically removing yourself from a discussion may help you stay level-headed in tough moments.  

Talk to other people

Reaching out to family and friends for support can help you foster close bonds outside your marriage. While it may seem tempting to stay inside or not call anyone, talking about your emotions with others can help you overcome any lingering worries.  

Visiting a therapist or other professional may also help you if you are struggling months after a divorce. You could even join a support group to discuss the topic further. Learning how to thrive on your own is rewarding and achievable after a divorce.  


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