What are some circumstances that lead to modifications?
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What are some circumstances that lead to modifications?

Although you likely have a plan in place for the amount you are paying for child support each month, you may rethink this after a big life change. 

Knowing legally acceptable reasons people ask for modifications can help you determine whether or not to ask for one yourself.  

Job issues

According to California Child Support Services, some of the most common circumstances the courts hear for modifications involve a parent suddenly losing a job or struggling to find a new one. You may not be able to make the payments required on time due to this sudden change in income. 

You should also ask for a modification if you pick up an additional job or have a change in salary. For example, active deployment into the armed forces is significant enough to warrant a modification.  

Life and health changes

If you get into an accident or suddenly become disabled, your ability to pay on time is likely affected. Beyond this, your children may also need a different amount of money for education or child care costs as they age.  

Incarceration or significant time in jail is another major factor that judges take into account when modifying child support.  

Family growth

Having a new child after getting remarried is one circumstance where asking for a modification for your previous child support amount is important. Any changes or additions to your family typically impact the amount of income you have. 

You and your ex-spouse can even discuss the support amount ahead of time and agree on a stipulated agreement with the court. Knowing what circumstances lead people to change their regular court-ordered child support can help you determine if you need to change yours as well.  


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