Appropriate uses for child support payments
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Appropriate uses for child support payments

After a divorce, you may receive child support so that you can continue to provide your children with their accustomed standard of living. As you receive these payments, you may wonder what expenses you can use them for.

There are several different ways that you can use your child support payments. FindLaw says that child support covers the basic needs of each child. This includes expenses like food and clothing. Your children also need a safe place to live, so child support can help pay your mortgage and utility bills.


Child support can also help pay for your children’s education. This includes tuition for private schools or the fee to hire a tutor if one of your children needs extra help. Additionally, you can use child support payments to purchase school uniforms, backpacks and the other materials that your children need.

Medical needs

The California Legislature says that you can use child support payments for your child’s medical care. One of your children may have special needs and require extra care and specialized education. Another child may need a medical procedure that is not covered by your health insurance. These situations are usually considered to be medical necessities, and you can put your child support payments toward these expenses.


If your ex-spouse moves to another part of California or to another state, you may need to purchase airfare for your children. You can use child support for your children’s travel expenses. This includes the food they eat as they travel and any luggage you may need to purchase for them.

Your children’s needs may change as they get older. If the current child support payments are insufficient to provide for all of your children’s needs, you may sometimes be able to receive a modification.


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