What should I do if my spouse asks for a divorce?
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What should I do if my spouse asks for a divorce?

Even if you are aware your marriage is experiencing trouble, discussions of divorce can still come as a shock. In addition to the numerous practical matters involving finances and child custody, couples will also experience significant emotional effects.

Because these emotional effects can have a negative impact on decision-making, it is important to have a plan going into the divorce process. That is why Kiplinger recommends couples take these steps when faced with divorce.

Keep emotions out of asset division

Taking an objective approach to asset division is easier said than done. It is natural to experience resentment regarding the end of your marriage, and this resentment can prevent you from making rational decisions. If you are having trouble, try to approach the process as though you are doing business. Make financial decisions that are in your best interest, and not necessarily to spite your ex.

Look for support among others

Emotional support is more important than ever during this time. Look for support from friends and loved ones if you are feeling overwhelmed by aspects of your divorce. If you are having a hard time controlling your emotions, consider visiting a counselor or therapist for assistance. Divorces are often traumatic, and many people need help navigating this trauma.

Make your kids the priority

As hard as divorce is on adults, it is even harder on children. Keep in mind that you and your ex must form a cohesive unit when raising children, even though you are no longer married. With this in mind, make decisions that support the overall health and well-being of your children, even if they counter your wishes.

Caring for your health is equally important, especially during times of great stress. Eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep each night can help you stay sharp and alert when making decisions involving your future.


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