How can you ensure a stable environment for your children?
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How can you ensure a stable environment for your children?

Following a divorce, most parents worry about how their children will cope. While it may be natural for your children to struggle to cope with the idea of divorce, you and your former spouse can ease the transition.

According to NBC News, birdnesting may help your children transition following a divorce.

What is birdnesting?

Birdnesting is a form of co-parenting where you and your former spouse share the family home. Your children remain in the house, but you and your ex rotate in and out. You can each choose to have your own home or apartment aside from the family home or you can share one between each other.

The idea is that the children do not have to change schools or their routines. When adjusting to a divorce, bouncing between two different houses may cause unnecessary strain on children.

What is healthy birdnesting?

Healthy birdnesting is not permanent. If you share the family home for more than six months, your children may have false hope that you plan to remarry your ex. Children thrive when they have structure and so by keeping the family home during the transitional period, you can keep the routine the same.

Do your best to encourage relationships with both sides of the family. Sometimes children may feel they have to pull away from one side or the other. After a divorce, make sure your children understand that their place within the family structure does not change.

Children of all ages require structure, but you may need to take extra steps to ensure a stable environment following a divorce.


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