Unpaid child support and passport revocation
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Unpaid child support and passport revocation

In addition to losing your driver’s license or professional license, if you fail to pay the child support that you owe you could lose your passport privileges. Back child support can become a problem for a host of reasons, whether you unexpectedly find yourself out of work or you experience a health crisis that leaves you with costly medical bills.

Regardless of the financial challenges that you face, you need to do your best to stay current on your support obligations. If possible, set up a payment plan or set aside money for future payments. Moreover, you might have the option to modify your child support order.

Back child support and passport privileges

The Administration for Children and Family’s Office of Child Support Enforcement states that parents who owe more than $2,500 in unpaid child support lose their U.S. passport privileges. Non-custodial parties who fall behind not only lose the ability to successfully apply for a U.S. passport, but the government will also revoke a passport if a parent hands it over to an embassy representative or agent to change their name, add pages or seek a reissue.

Addressing back child support to restore passport privileges

If you have lost your passport privileges, you must make payment arrangements with the relevant state in order to restore them. Some states help parents establish payment plans that are compatible with their financial circumstances, while others require payment in full.

Falling behind on child support can generate high levels of stress, but you should try to stay focused on getting caught up and explore your repayment options.


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