Different ways to pay child support in California
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Different ways to pay child support in California

Whether you split up with your child’s other parent years ago and you owe child support or you are approaching the divorce process and expect to owe support soon, it is crucial to go over different ways you can make payments. Falling behind on child support can result in devastating consequences, causing you to lose your license, your reputation, your passport privileges and even your freedom.

It is vital to review the unique details surrounding your circumstances and understand how this can impact your obligations, such as your sources of income and the amount you earn.

Income withholding and child support payments

California’s Child Support Services states that if a parent who owes child support is employed, his or her employer has to take child support payments out of their check. There is a record of payments made via income withholding, offering security for non-custodial parents if a dispute arises, and this method is very convenient for many parents.

Other child support payment methods

Sometimes, parents cannot pay child support through income withholding, such as those who do not have a job or make a living through self-employment. In California, parents can make payments online using a credit card, debit card, bank account or PayPal account. In addition, you can mail a money order or check to the state, or you can pay in person at approved locations around the state.

If you struggle to pay support, make sure you immediately examine options you have. For example, you could have the opportunity to modify your child support order if your financial situation has changed significantly.


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