How can you deal with a high-conflict divorce?
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How can you deal with a high-conflict divorce?

Going through a divorce can feel stressful at times, and it can be frustrating when your ex-spouse continually starts fights and tries to irritate you.

Trying to prevent a high-conflict divorce from becoming more stressful is important. Learning some methods to handle conflicts can help you during this time.

Notice your own reactions

According to Psychology Today, your level of anger and frustration may take you by surprise when you first begin to talk seriously with your ex-spouse during a divorce. You may not be able to hold back your intense emotions, which can lead to worse arguments.

Being able to find your calm makes you more likely to have useful discussions about important topics like childcare and asset division. Doing breathing exercises or taking a break during intense conversations may help.

Find time to unwind

Dealing with stressful conversations and legal issues can make you more on edge and more likely to start fights. In order to combat this, you may want to find a hobby or skill to learn in your free time that can help you relax.

Whether it is exercising or planting flowers, whatever you choose to do can leave you feeling refreshed. This can help you approach each discussion with your ex-spouse with a clear mind and less stress.

Talk to those around you

Visiting and talking with family and friends can help you through this tough time. Relying on your social connections outside of your marriage allows you to discuss your problems and gain perspective.

It can also allow you to enjoy time away from the stress of divorce as the process continues. Dealing with a high-conflict divorce may seem hard at first, but following a few steps can greatly help you.


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