License suspension due to unpaid child support
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License suspension due to unpaid child support

If you are struggling to stay current on your child support, or you have already missed payments, you could have many different concerns. Aside from your reputation sustaining serious damage, bank levies, intercepted tax refunds and the threat of arrest, you could face other consequences if you fail to make payments on time. For example, you could lose your driver’s license as well as recreational and professional licenses.

It is important to take a closer look at license suspension due to back child support, including your options if you want to restore your privileges.

License suspension after missing child support payments

California’s Child Support Services reports that parents who fail to pay child support could lose their driver’s license, professional license, hunting license and/or fishing license. Licensing agencies in this state receive a notification after a parent fails to make payments for over 30 days, and parents have 150 days to respond before the agency suspends their license (if it is the first time this has happened). Parents who have previously found themselves in this position have to respond in 30 days.

Addressing license suspension over unpaid support

License suspension can affect your life in many ways, preventing you from taking care of important responsibilities and interfering with your ability to enjoy your hobbies. After receiving a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles or a state licensing agency, you should reach out to the child support agency in charge of your case and discuss how you can have your license(s) reinstated.

Each child support case is unique, so the process of restoring these privileges varies from one parent to the next.


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