How can you manage your children’s stress during a divorce?
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How can you manage your children’s stress during a divorce?

As with any big change in life, you may find that your children have a variety of reactions to your divorce.

When you begin to notice telltale signs of stress appearing, it can be helpful to learn how to deal with and reduce the anxiety they feel. Following a few simple steps will allow you both to flourish during this time.

Avoid conflict

According to Psychology Today, fights and disagreements between you and your ex-spouse that take place in front of your children can leave them feeling nervous. Although you both may live in separate households, modeling good behavior and avoiding any additional tension will help your children relax as time goes on.

Some children may blame themselves for causing the divorce, which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. One way to combat this is to reassure them that they did not contribute to the divorce.

Add in fun activities

Whether your children love to play outside or enjoy spending time with friends, taking time to set up activities they love can help them. Having a positive outlet for their energy and the ability to focus on relaxing and having fun is important. Scheduling a day out with just the two of you can also be a joyful memory for you both.

Stay open to questions

Letting children process their emotions in a healthy way by allowing and encouraging them to ask questions is one way to reduce stress. While some children may react with anger, others may express sadness or withdraw from social activity. Understanding the variety of reactions children may have to an upcoming divorce can help you manage their stress.


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