Should you document your divorce on TikTok?
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Should you document your divorce on TikTok?

Divorce can be a frustrating part of life, and there are many people sharing their struggles across social media.

While Facebook, TikTok and Twitter serve as excellent outlets for managing stress and killing time, publicly venting about your family matters online can backfire in the courtroom.

Trashing your ex

Your ex may be extremely toxic, and you may wish to share your experiences as a cathartic exercise for yourself or as an educational warning to others. However, your words can severely impact your divorce negotiations if the court determines your words and actions to be vindictive or hostile.


Separating from an unhappy situation can feel liberating, and you may feel the desire to find yourself again. However, sharing photos of your new car or that weekend away with your friends while trying to convince a judge that you require spousal support can appear insincere and manipulative. Despite who follows you on social media or how secure your accounts seem to be, your ex’s lawyers will seek evidence of impropriety and use it against you.

Showing off your new partner

There is nothing wrong with moving on after ending a marriage, and because some divorces can take years to finalize, it is feasible that spouses may start new relationships during the process. Nevertheless, parading your new partner on social media opens the door for inquiries about your parental fitness and support needs.

While you have a right to say whatever you want in your TikTok stories, doing so may make your divorce more difficult than it should be and leave you with less than you deserve.


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