Divorce, Legal Separation And Nullity
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Skilled Professionalism For Divorce, Separation And Annulment

Clients are often surprised to learn that the legal system offers several options for divorce. We are highly skilled in all methods of divorce, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation. During our initial interview, we’ll help you select the model that will most successfully resolve your unique situation.

Understanding Separation, Divorce And Nullity

  • Legal separation does not end a marriage but does allow spouses to determine asset and debt division, child custody and spousal support arrangements. Spouses can retain certain benefits, including health insurance.
  • Divorce is the permanent termination of a marriage by a court of law. There are several methods for divorce, including mediation, alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law and litigation.
  • Nullity of Marriage means the court can enter a judgment that the marriage was void. This is based upon very limited and specific grounds.