Property Identification And Division
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Property Division: An Overview

When working through a divorce, important decisions must be made. Determining how you will split your assets is a big step in the process. We will ensure all assets are uncovered so you can receive your fair share.

What You Need To Know

Each spouse is required to make a list of all his or her assets. This includes anything from property to vehicles and boats. It’s important to know that separate property, which is anything you owned prior to your marriage, is legally yours. Anything acquired during the marriage is what must be divided. We are a community property state, which means that all possessions must be split 50/50. Sometimes, one party will try to conceal assets so that their former spouse won’t have any access to them.

Our attorneys will thoroughly examine your case so that they can fight for what you are entitled to. We must also determine how your fiduciary assets will be divided. These consist of everything from bonuses to retirement accounts to stock options. These are notoriously tricky, as each spouse may have his or her own idea as to how these should be split. Our firm will work tirelessly to find the best possible solution.