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Determining Finances After A Divorce

Spousal support is meant to be a tool that helps both spouses maintain their lifestyles. While it may seem simple, it is more complicated than it seems. Our attorneys can help understand your rights after a divorce.

Understanding How The Court Makes A Decision

The court will look at a number of factors when determining how much spousal support is fair. This includes the age, physical condition and emotional state of each spouse. It also looks at the length of the marriage. The standard of living during the marriage is another important aspect. Most notably, it will determine whether or not the paying spouse can afford to support both parties. After taking all of these into consideration, a judge then has the final say.

It is important to know that spousal support can be updated and changed should either party’s needs change. Perhaps the paying spouse lost their job. Maybe the receiving party can now support themselves and no longer needs assistance. Regardless, having a knowledgeable attorney is crucial during this time. Our attorneys will fight for what is fair.